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Please feel free to call or write with your questions. We will work with you to accomplish your needs.

Please feel free to call or email us with if you have questions. We are happy to hear from you and will look forward to helping you with your order.
Angel Friend Ornaments
Personalized Ornaments
for your friends and family
Lovely sentiment under crystal clear acrylic with sheer ribbon and bag.
These are gifts that will become a tradition from year to year. Everyone will love the meaning behind the gift and the thoughtfulness you show by giving such a special gift.
Once we receive your order, we get right to work creating a high quality beautiful gift you will be proud to give. We will process your order and have it packaged and ready to ship right away. You will receive an email to keep you up to date on the progress. We use USPS Priority Shipping which will take 2-4 days for transport. Within the week you should have your order!
PO Box 575, Travelers Rest, SC 29690, | Email: | Phone: (864) 834-8249
Personalized Angel Friend Ornaments
Touch Hearts
with an Angel Friend Ornament!
Designs by Dennis and Deborah Batson
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PO Box 575, Travelers Rest, SC 29690 - Email - Phone (864) 834-8249

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